Waterloo, Canada

2013 challenge

In the city of Waterloo, Canada, the neighborhood of Northdale was initially developed in the mid-20th century as a suburban community. With the development and continued growth of the adjacent post-secondary institutions, there has been significant pressure on the neighborhood to accommodate students. The influx of a transient population and a large number of absentee landlords have raised concerns around the sense of community and public safety in the area. Mayor Brenda Halloran has asked for IBM's help in developing a strategy & action plan that will support the realization of the Northdale Plan, which lays out a vision for the land use and community development of the neighborhood, by repositioning the image of the neighborhood and attracting new investments.

City Leader

Brenda Halloran


Team Members

  • Carolyn Baird

    • North America Communications Strategy Leader IBM Global Business Services
  • Terri Dougall

    • Project Executive IBM Canada Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) Program
  • Dennis Bly

    • Relationship Manager IBM Academic Initiative
  • David Gerrey

    • Manager Systems Engineering and Architecture Group IBM Public Sector
  • Ralf Seidel

    • Senior Manager IBM Research and Development Laboratory, Germany
  • Tim Durniak

    • Chief Technology Officer for Public Sector and Smarter Cities IBM Systems and Technology Group