Trujillo, Peru

2013 challenge

Mayor César Acuña Peralta of Trujillo has asked IBM to help strengthen the municipality's technical and strategic service capacities with regard to citizen safety and security. Lacking strong policies at the national level, the municipality seeks to tackle the problems of petty and organized crime at the local level through proactive tracking and deterrence. Its goal is to develop effective anti-crime strategies in partnership with the National Police, public agencies at the district and provincial level, and civil society that build on the investments the city has already made in local security staff, stations and equipment. The Smarter Cities Challenge team analyzed the existing public safety situation, systems and processes in order to provide recommendations on how the local government can improve citizen safety and security.

City Leader

César Acuña Peralta


Team Members

  • Dr. Chandrasekhar (Spike) Narayan

    • Director of Science and Technology IBM
  • Chris Cook

    • Director of Investor Relations IBM
  • Vineeta Durani

    • Director of Communications IBM
  • Vickram Nagi

    • Director of Strategic Outsourcing Delivery IBM
  • Stephen Russo

    • Director of Public Safety and Physical Security Solutions IBM