Tainan, Taiwan

2014 challenge

Tainan, Taiwan's first capital and its oldest city, is home to 1.9 million people and attracts more than 20 million tourists a year with its rich historical and cultural heritage. The city is challenged with heavy traffic congestion, relying on infrastructure that has not kept pace with its economic growth. Major investments have been made to begin to address the issue including construction of a light rail system, deployment of a new electric bus system, and the city has recently been selected as a Low-Carbon Demo City by the federal government. Mayor Ching-Te Lai has requested IBM’s assistance in developing a road map for an integrated public transit system and recommendations for updating traffic flows and road layout to improve the city's traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

City Leader

Ching-Te Lai

Mayor of Tainan

Team Members

  • Edward Brill

    • Director, Mobile Enterprise Marketing, IBM US
  • Anjana Dikshit

    • Delivery Executive Project Manager, IBM India
  • Irvin Lustig

    • Manager, Optimization and Mathematical Software, Research, IBM US
  • Hari H. Madduri

    • Architect, Smarter Physical Infrastructure Solutions, IBM US
  • Donna D. Painter

    • Industry Client Director, IBM US