Taichung, Taiwan

2015 challenge

In recent years, Taichung, Taiwan's major economic growth and development has mounted pressure on the city's transportation infrastructure. An estimated 400,000 people per day used public transit in 2014, and the city's layout concentrates traffic on main axis roads; the result is frequent congestion and increased accidents and casualties. Mayor Chia-Lung Lin asked IBM for help developing the city's vision to create a safe and sustainable transportation roadmap that will position Taichung as the hub of traffic, industry, culture and economy for central Taiwan.

Team Members

  • Armando Calderon

    • Director, Worldwide Client Care, IBM Systems Storage, Almaden Research Center (San Jose, California)
  • David Kinsey

    • Worldwide Business Unit Executive, SaaS Sales and Transformation, Tampa, Florida
  • Dr. Dmitri Kharitonenko

    • Strategy and Sales Transformation Leader for Central and Eastern Europe, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Rebecca Butler Mona

    • Director, Portfolio Marketing, IBM Global Process Services, IBM Global Business Services, Senior State Executive, State of Iowa (West Des Moines, Iowa)
  • Sujatha (Suj) Perepa

    • Executive Software Client Architect for US Federal Homeland and National Security Programs, Washington, D.C.