Rochester, United States

2015 challenge

Rochester, New York, once a thriving community in the state, now struggles with the second-highest child poverty rate in the country. Current programs are not aligned to provide the right incentives or coordination to raise families out of poverty. Mayor Lovely Warren asked IBM to help design a unified, efficient strategy, using data across six key areas of jobs, education, housing, health, safe neighborhoods and judicial, to guide families currently receiving assistance from several agencies and provide a data-driven "stairway" out of poverty.

Team Members

  • Alice Sidhu

    • Delivery Project Executive, IBM Global Process Services, Australia
  • Andrew Bewick

    • General Manager, Defense for IBM, Australia
  • Sunita Menon

    • Director - Strategy, Governance and Analytics, IBM Client Master Data, USA
  • Walter Szyperski

    • Service Area Lead, IBM Oracle CX, USA
  • Martin Laird

    • Senior Program Manager, IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, USA