Reno, United States

2013 challenge

The City of Reno has asked IBM to help craft a data-driven strategy for economic development as the City looks to diversify its economy. By applying advanced analytics and using open data, the City aims to improve coordination between policymakers, citizens, higher education institutions, businesses and investors.

City Leader

Bob Cashell

Mayor of Reno

Team Members

  • Alexey Ershov

    • Director, Business Performance Services, Growth Markets & Japan
  • Lori Feller

    • Partner, Strategy and Transformation, Global Business Services
  • Massimo Leoni

    • Distinguished Engineer, Systems and Technology Group
  • Randy Kubich

    • Senior Engineer and Manager for IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Easwaran Venkatasubramanian

    • Director, Global Funding, Investments & Foreign Exchange