Quebec City, Canada

2013 challenge

In an effort to enhance municipal services the City of Quebec is moving towards digital solutions. However City officials worry that the roughly one in five residents who do not use digital technology or access the Internet may not have equal access to services. Because this non-user population includes many of the city's most vulnerable residents, the digital divide could negatively impact their mental and physical health, safety and resilience, access to employment, lodging and social inclusion. Mayor Labeaume requested IBM's help in developing a strategy to reach the city's goal to reduce the overall digital non-use rate from the current 19% to 16% by 2016, with a maximum of 20% in three particularly disadvantaged boroughs: Cité-Limoilou, des Rivière and Charlesbourg.

City Leader

Régis Labeaume

Mayor of Quebec City

Team Members

  • James Isbell

    • Director, Travel and Transportation Industry, IBM Australia
  • Andy Lanskis

    • Director, Strategy, Transformation, Marketing and Offerings, IBM Australia
  • Gerhard Kuras

    • Client Director, American Express, IBM US
  • Claire Langan

    • Operational Excellence and Innovation Manager, Manufacturing and Development, IBM Canada
  • Jean-Francois Barsoum

    • Senior Managing Consultant, Smarter Cities, IBM Canada