Providence, United States

2011 challenge

The City of Providence has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reclaim 19.5 acres of land from the rerouting of Interstate 195, a freeway whose path through the Jewelry District isolated the area from the wave of revitalization that swept downtown Providence. The development of a new Knowledge District on this land requires the coordination of city agencies, state officials, developers and non-profit organizations. Mayor Angel Taveras challenged the IBM Team to create actionable recommendations for better, data-driven land use management, with systems that will promote the robust development of the city within and beyond the Knowledge District. The team identified four focus areas: organization, processes, technology, and performance, with recommendations that facilitate greater efficiency, greater alignment, better collaboration, more transparency and clear measurements. A better land use management system will enable the City to foster economic development by delivering more predictable review and approval times. /n The City of Providence has posted the team's report on their webpage .

City Leader

Angel Taveras

Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island

Team Members

  • Maria Ebling

    • Research Staff Member and Senior Manager, T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Hung Tack Kwan

    • Senior Architect, Smarter Government, Smarter Cities and Public Safety Global Solution Center
  • Evaristus Mainsah

    • IBM Assistant Treasurer
  • Tracy McNairn

    • Integrated Technology Services Sales Executive, Canadian Public Sector
  • Steven Sakata

    • Territory Manager, Hawaii and Guam
  • Jonathan Walkup

    • Executive Consultant, Organizational Change Management Centre of Excellence