Niigata, Japan

2014 challenge

Niigata, like many other Japanese cities, must respond to the needs of an aging population. Projecting that 30% of the city's population will be made up of senior citizens within the next decade, the city is working to maintain mobility for all residents by making major investments in public transit, including plans to launch Japan's first bus rapid transit (BRT) system in 2015. Mayor Akira Shinoda has requested IBM's assistance in promoting the use of public transit and developing a transit-oriented approach to land use planning to keep Niigata accessible for all residents.

City Leader

Akira Shinoda

Mayor of Niigata

Team Members

  • David Cyril D'lima

    • Leader Software Group Strategy, IBM Singapore
  • Jeremiah Gibber

    • Director, Market Development, IBM US
  • Huong Morris

    • Technical Leader, Growth Markets Unit, IBM China
  • Satsumi Takeo

    • Distinguished Engineer, Executive Senior Consulting ITS, IBM Japan
  • Issei Yoshida

    • Research, Knowledge Infrastructure Group, Cognitive Computing, IBM Japan
  • Akira Sakakibara

    • Distinguished Engineer, CTO - Smarter Cities, IBM Japan