Mecklenburg County, United States

2010 challenge

The IBM team in Mecklenburg County analyzed the feasibility of integrating the capital master planning in Mecklenburg County across multiple jurisdictions and issue areas, including parks, greenways, trails, recreation centers, libraries, schools, college campuses, residential and commercial developments, government facilities, transportation corridors, pedestrian and bicycle routes and watersheds.

The County Manager's Office has posted a web page describing IBM's activities and areas of focus during the Smarter Cities Challenge engagement. The entire report, as well as two related videos, are accessible from this page.

City Leader

Jennifer Roberts

Chair of the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners

Team Members

  • Bob Dill

    • Distinguished Engineer
  • David Edwards

    • Associate Partner, Strategy & Innovation, Public Sector, IBM Global Business Services
  • Carol Martin

    • Market Development, Business Analytics
  • Montressa Washington

    • Service Area Manager & Senior Managing Consultant, Global Business Services, US Federal, Organization & People
  • Frieda Yueh

    • Sales Executive, Smarter Planet/Smarter Government