Louisville, United States

2012 challenge

The Louisville Metro Government is launching an initiative in partnership with government agencies, medical institutions and non-profit organizations to collect and analyze data surrounding asthma across the Louisville region. Data sources include a new application connected to inhalers, traffic and air monitoring networks, environmental profiles, property valuation and other publicly available data. With IBM's help, Mayor Greg Fischer and his team aim to create a data-driven strategy for identifying and reducing asthma risk in the city, with an unprecedented level of granularity and sophistication.

City Leader

Greg Fischer

Mayor of Louisville

Team Members

  • Cori Minton-Package

    • Public Sector Business Strategy and Communications Leader, Global Business Services
  • Peter Porter

    • Business Development Executive, US Federal Growth Initiatives, Smarter Planet & Cities
  • Sharon Stone

    • Complex Transactions Contracts & Negotiations Executive
  • Sondra Renly

    • Healthcare Informatics Research
  • Anne Fitzpatrick

    • Public Sector Business Development - Global Alliance Solutions