Kyoto, Japan

2013 challenge

In recognition of the city's tremendous cultural heritage and historical importance, Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa asked IBM to help realize his vision for Kyoto to become a walkable city. With a population of 1.5 million and roads unchanged for centuries, traffic is a significant problem in many areas, so the city aims to optimize multiple forms of transportation infrastructure to decrease congestion and improve health outcomes.

City Leader

Daisaku Kadokawa

Mayor of Kyoto, Japan

Team Members

  • Anand Narayan

    • Partner, Industrial Sector, IBM India
  • Akiko Murakami

    • Advisory Researcher, IBM Japan
  • Tomoyuki Ezaki

    • Business Development Executive, Smarter Cities, IBM Japan
  • Holly Unland

    • Vice President, Solution and Technical Sales, IBM US
  • Koichi Nakamura

    • Software Technical Sales, Client Technical Specialist, IBM Japan
  • Rashik Parmar

    • President, IBM Academy of Technology & Distinguished Engineer, IBM UK