Katowice, Poland

2010 challenge

Two successive IBM teams helped the City of Katowice refine its strategic goals and make the city more economically competitive. The first team identified the following five areas of opportunity:

  • Marketing the value proposition of the Katowice and Upper Silesia regions
  • Optimizing transportation services within the city/region to make them more effective for residents and businesses
  • More fully aligning key government, industry, academic and financesectors to drive economic development, innovation, job creation, andpopulation gains
  • Involving Citizens and businesses more fully in the planning Government processes
  • Addressing quality of life issues as a way of retaining young talent.

The second team built on these focus areas, identifying three points of development:

  • The City of Commerce and Culture: How can the city's economic development and marketing strategy be strengthened to improve quality of life (economic and social) and attract increased investment?
  • The Well Planned City: How can key public infrastructures — especially in the areas of transportation and public safety — be planned and developed to best support the needs of the city/region?
  • The City of Digital Innovation: How can communication and collaboration between key parties be improved to support the continued development of community, as well as the deeper partnerships needed for long term success?

Team Members

  • Patrick Boyle

    • Director, Public Sector Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Andrew Fairbanks

    • Solution Area Leader and Senior Project Executive
  • Karen Howe

    • Director, Independent Software Vendor Platform Enablement
  • Jeff Schlageter

    • Director, Worldwide Managed Business Process Services Sales Enablement
  • Claudia Zuccas

    • Director, Sales Operations, Latin America