Jinan, China

2014 challenge

An economic powerhouse, Jinan, also known as the "City of Springs", boasts over 100 natural springs in its downtown district, and a lasting legacy of Confucian culture spanning over 2,600 years. While Jinan has many unique natural, cultural and historic resources, they are not well-known to foreign tourists. Deputy Mayor Zhang Haibo asked IBM to help make Jinan a world-renowned tourist destination, using data and analytics to leverage existing investments and promote Jinan's unique attractions.

City Leader

Zhang Haibo

Deputy Mayor of Jinan

Team Members

  • Dorothy (Dede) Trefts

    • Vice President, Services M&A Integration, IBM US
  • Kumar Bhaskaran

    • Program Director, Technology & Strategy, Research, IBM Singapore
  • Anand Janardhan

    • Senior Management Consultant, Travel and Transportation Center of Competence, IBM US
  • Gotham Majumdar

    • Distinguished Engineer, Executive Architect & Delivery Excellence Leader, IBM US
  • Joan Sabloniere

    • Director, Global Asset Recovery Services, IBM France