Jeju, South Korea

2013 challenge

Faced with a rapidly changing global economy, the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province recognizes the need for cohesive, forward-looking economic development. Provincial leaders asked IBM to deliver an outside-in perspective on the province's challenges and opportunities to fuel long-term prosperity. The IBM team's recommendations focused on enhancing the impact of tourism and expansion of Jeju's economic base.

City Leader

Keun-min Woo


Team Members

  • Steve Wilkins

    • Vice President, Software Group Marketing, IBM Australia
  • Ruth Sun

    • Director, Industry Solutions, ECM Channels & System Integrators, IBM US
  • KyoungJeon Kim

    • Client Technical Advisor, IBM Korea
  • Hyun Chung

    • Geo Expansion Market Segment Manager, IBM Korea
  • Ravinder Sabhikhi

    • CTO AP, NGN Distinguished Engineer, IBM US
  • Sampsa Korhonen

    • Partner, Global Business Services Deputy Country Manager, IBM Finland