Houston, United States

2012 challenge

Mayor Annise Parker has made neighborhood issues and accessible city services a top priority in her administration. In 2011, Mayor Parker established the Department of Neighborhoods as a "one-stop" for residents seeking assistance with neighborhood issues. The City of Houston seeks assistance from IBM as it investigates opportunities to connect school-aged students to services that strengthen families and schools, including provision of some public services online; making relevant data on programs, services and resources more readily available; and strengthening collaboration with the Houston Independent School District and other partners.

City Leader

Annise Parker

Mayor of Houston

Team Members

  • Mike Davies

    • Manager, Tivoli, Software Group, IBM US
  • Brendan Grady

    • Marketing Program Director, Business Analytics Software, IBM US
  • Shinichi Nakashio

    • Partner, BAO Strategy, Global Business Services, IBM Japan
  • Kelly Tinsley

    • Associate Partner, Public Sector, Global Business Services, IBM US
  • Gary Zeien

    • Software Client Architect, Sales & Distribution, IBM US