Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2010 challenge

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, two IBM teams set out to help the city achieve its vision of becoming the "Pearl of Asia" by exploring how technology can advance several areas, including transportation, water, food safety and e-government. Each team provided a detailed report, with the second team building on the work of the first, outlining high level recommendations as well as a concrete set of seven collaborative technology pilots and a few transformational programs that can be undertaken immediately.

Team Members

  • Evelyn Bailey-Semeniuk

    • Executive Architect
  • Guru Banavar

    • Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Global Public Sector
  • Roy Nicholson

    • Global Business Services Partner, Life Sciences
  • Daniel Delos

    • Global Business Services Partner, Strategy & Transformatio
  • Michele Grieshaber

    • Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Global Financing
  • Clara Challoner Walker

    • Executive Partner, Global Business Services, Financial Services
  • Brenda Dixon

    • Partner, Global Business Services, US Federal Healthcare
  • Ray Harishankar

    • IBM Fellow, Vice President of Innovation & Technology, Global Solutions & Assets
  • Frederic Begtine

    • Distinguished Engineer,Technical Advisor
  • Joseph Bertolotti

    • Director, Global Strategy andSales Transformation
  • Alexey Ershov

    • Director, Business Performance Services, Growth Markets
  • Bernie Kollman

    • Client Unit Director, Public Sector Alberta and SLE, Edmonton