Helsinki, Finland

2011 challenge

The IBM team in Helsinki was asked to help the City develop strategies for creating visualizations that can enable citizens make use of and benefit from open data, and define the components necessary to grow a sustainable, repeatable platform, process and ecosystem to leverage the principles of open data, turning data into information, information into action, and action into change. Key recommendations included expanding support for the open data community, managing and measuring the balance between engagement models, designing feedback mechanisms to support the evolution of the open data ecosystem; creating a social visualization web site, platform and API; continuing to evolve the role of Helsinki Region Infoshare; and seeking opportunities to use open data to drive internal change.

For more information about the project, check out the City of Helsinki's summary.

City Leader

Jussi Pajunen

Mayor of Helsinki, Finland

Team Members

  • Stephan Jou

    • Research Scientist and Technical Architect - Business Analytics, IBM Canada
  • Avi Yaeli

    • Master Inventor and Research Scientist - Visual Analytics, IBM Research, Israel
  • Susan Spraragen

    • Service Design Researcher, IBM Research - United States
  • Peter Bak

    • Research Scientist - Visual Analytics, IBM Research, Israel
  • Alberto Barrientos

    • Director - Public Sector, Spain & Portugal
  • Thomas Erickson

    • Research Scientist - User Design Experience, IBM Research, United States