Glasgow, United Kingdom

2011 challenge

Despite economic growth and urban renewal, Glasgow has been faced with rising rates of fuel poverty in the last decade. IBM was asked to analyze how to reduce fuel poverty in Glasgow and bring affordable warmth to its citizens. The IBM team's recommendations focused on improving energy literacy in the city through methods such as the appointing of an affordable warmth champion, messaging and branding using social networking tools, and the use of predictive analytics for targeting City resources.

City Leader

Gordon Matheson

Leader of the Council for Glasgow, United Kingdom

Team Members

  • Ian Abbott Donnelly

    • Chief Technology Officer, Europe Big Green Innovations
  • Graeme McKay

    • Director, Ontario Public Sector
  • Sharon Moore

    • Public Sector Integration Architect
  • Susan Sanchez

    • Energy & Utilities Consultant
  • Anna Topol

    • Chief Technology Officer, Energy & Utilities Industry, Systems & Technology Group