Faro, Portugal

2013 challenge

Faro is the main city of the Algarve region in Southern Portugal. Over the past 40 years the region has been very successful with its sandy beaches attracting tourists from throughout the EU and the world. Fisheries have also been a significant driver of economic development, but has slowed down over the past few years, threatening the way of life in the area. The city and region want to reignite the marine environment as a major driver for the region's economic growth and sustainability, including possibly developing a marine observation and data network , based on expertise at the University, to bring data as a key component supporting their vision. The IBM team is building off these plans and the region's assets to create an economic road map for Faro's marine economy using smarter planet strategies and a focus on sustainable economic growth.

City Leader

Rogério Bacalhau


Team Members

  • António Santos

    • Business Development Executive - Smarter Cities Leader
  • Barry Becker

    • Director, Data Center Services Center of Excellence
  • Doris McGuire

    • Senior Managing Consultant, Security & Privacy Consultant, Global Business Services
  • Sean McKenna

    • Research Staff Member and Manager, Water
  • Heather Howell

    • US Diversity & Inclusion Leader - Global Constituency Programs