Edmonton, Canada

2011 challenge

The City of Edmonton has adopted a mission to be the global leader in urban traffic safety. To help achieve this goal, the IBM team in Edmonton was asked to investigate how to improve traffic and road safety in Edmonton through the analysis of traffic data. The team's recommendations included improving openness in government agencies and data, creating an Analytics Center of Excellence to support road safety, simplifying internal traffic safety measurements, reaching out to citizens through social media, and collaborating with industry leaders and academia on a traffic safety research project. The City of Edmonton has posted a webpage describing IBM's activities and areas of focus during the Smarter Cities Challenge engagement. The entire report is accessible from this page. In addition to the report, the city has published an update on its progress in implementing the recommendations provided during the engagement.

City Leader

Stephen Mandel

Mayor of Edmonton, Canada

Team Members

  • Mark Belvedere

    • Managing Consultant, Strategy & Transformation, Global Business Services
  • Catherine Caruana-McManus

    • IBM Australia & New Zealand Smarter Cities Executive
  • Jody Dyerfox

    • Worldwide Multi-Channel Solution Leader, IBM Travel and Transportation Industry
  • Tom Harris

    • Worldwide Industry Solutions Leader, IBM Business Analytics - Public Sector
  • Bryan Langston

    • Solution Architect, IBM Research
  • Marc Rene de Cotret

    • Senior Managing Consultant. Strategy & Transformation, Global Business Services