Durham, United States

2012 challenge

The City of Durham asked IBM for support in addressing the disparity of educational achievement and economic opportunity for its youth. Through the Smarter Cities Challenge, IBM is partnering with the City to develop data-driven strategies to identify service gaps and enhance coordination amongst service organizations to ensure all youth have an opportunity to succeed and become positively contributing members of the community. The City of Durham has posted their full report on their webpage.

City Leader

Mayor William "Bill" Bell

Team Members

  • Kinthi Sturtevant

    • Director, Organizational Change Management Center of Excellence
  • Peter Kretzschmar

    • Program Director, Alliances and IP Solutions
  • Mary Harris

    • Senior Program Manager, Demand Management, Global Resource & Capacity Management
  • David Gómez, Jr

    • Worldwide Advanced Case Management Technical Professional Leader
  • Permenthri Pillay

    • Associate Partner, Global Business Services
  • Theo Leuze

    • Director, Strategic Initiatives & Business Transformation, IBM Global Financing