Durban, South Africa

2014 challenge

As the second largest metropolitan area in South Africa, eThekwini Municipality, which includes Durban, is a manufacturing hub and key to the country’s overall economic vitality. Mayor James Nxumalo has set an ambitious goal of creating 190,000 jobs by supporting the growth of new industries. The city needs to build the appropriate education and training programs and support system to accomplish this goal. Moreover, the priority is to foster inclusive economic development to address poverty and income inequality. The mission of SCC eThekwini Municipality - Durban is to create a roadmap for the city to develop the skills ecosystem in line with the city's economic development and job-creation strategy, 2013-2017.

City Leader

James Nxumalo

Mayor Councillor of eThekwini Municipality

Team Members

  • Doug Smith

    • Program Manager, THINKAnalytics
  • Lauren Luellwitz

    • Smarter Workforce, Workforce Sciences Ecosystem Lead, IBM US
  • Marie Esposito

    • Client Executive, Public Sector, IBM Canada
  • Nduwuisi I. Emuchay

    • Distinguished Engineer, Corporate Strategy and Growth Initiatives, IBM US
  • Robyn Massey

    • Project Executive Cloud Managed Services, IBM
  • Christine A. MacLaughlin 

    • Vice President, Marketing Communications, Global Financing, IBM US