Dortmund, Germany

2012 challenge

For much of its history, Dortmund was dominated by the steel and coal industry, fostering a collective identity and investment that is still part of the city's fabric today. However, as the economy transitioned to technology, services and logistics as dominant industries, there has been significant turnover and uncertainty in the labor market. Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau thinks that education holds the key to both economic development and stable employment levels, and has asked IBM to assist with a roadmap for a 'Dortmund Talent Initiative' to attract new businesses to the region and train workers for jobs in a 21st century economy.

Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau describes the challenge and his impression of the team's work (in English and German)

City Leader

Ullrich Sierau

Lord Mayor of Dortmund

Team Members

  • Chris Bock

    • Associate Partner & Procurement Service Area Leader - US Federal, Global Business Services, IBM US
  • Jane Bossert

    • Enablement Leader - IBM North America SkillWorks, Sales & Distribution, IBM US
  • Henry Co

    • Executive IT Architect, Sales & Distribution, IBM Australia
  • Emily Craig

    • Associate Partner - Organization & People, Global Business Services, IBM US
  • Lothar Mackert

    • VP - Defense & Security and Public Private Partnerships, Sales & Distribution, IBM Germany
  • Markus Porcher

    • Human Resources Leader NE IOT, Sales & Distribution, IBM Germany