Detroit, United States

2015 challenge

Though the city of Detroit is just beyond bankruptcy, it still faces substantial challenges including blight in neighborhoods and unemployment. More than one-third of properties in Detroit are abandoned; in 2014, the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) was restructured to be the city's primary vehicle for removing blight from neighborhoods, returning abandoned and neglected properties to productive use. But the cost of removing debris from these properties, which must be done before they can be sold or demolished, is high. Mayor Mike Duggan and the DLBA asked IBM to help design a strategy for cost-efficient, sustainable removal, recycling and re-use of debris, thereby allowing it to redirect its limited resources to making strategic investments in neighborhoods. The city also aims to leverage local job-training programs to support this work, building marketable skills in construction and sustainability among unemployed Detroiters. The project in Detroit is one of three IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grants in 2015 that will also receive a special grant of Twitter data, which will provide analysis of historical and current social media data to help tackle the issue.

Team Members

  • Tannia Chernivec

    • Senior Managing Consultant/Architect
    • Social Business
    • IBM Global Business Services, IBM United States
  • Henry Co

    • Executive IT Architect, IBM Australia
  • Laura Frazer

    • Business Transformation Leader, IBM North America, IBM United States
  • Charles Hill

    • Executive Program Manager, Information Governance and Data Lake, IBM United States
  • Emanuele Ragnoli

    • Research Staff Member and Technical Lead, Water and Environment, IBM Research, IBM Ireland
  • Januarie (Janie) West

    • Director, Global Human Resources, Recruiting and Learning Solutions, IBM Global Business Process Services, IBM United States
  • Andel Koester

    • Program Manager – Smarter Cities Challenge, IBM Corporate Citizenship, IBM United States
  • Charlotte Johnson

    • Manager for Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, IBM Corporate Citizenship, IBM United States