Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 challenge

The City of Copenhagen has set an ambitious target to become carbon neutral by 2025, with an integrated value chain that links sustainability with the quality of life in the city and economic growth. The city has asked IBM for help in achieving these ambitious goals, with particular emphasis on using data analytics to reduce energy consumption and make efficiency improvements to buildings.

City Leader

Frank Jensen

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

Team Members

  • Ramakrishnan Dhamodaran

    • Director, Smarter Planet Solutions, IBM India
  • Josie Romualdi

    • Director, Client Services Procurement, Americas, IBM Canada
  • Lawrence O'Connell

    • Director, Global Client Technical Leadership Office, IBM US
  • Kim Gandhi

    • Director, Workplace Services, IBM US
  • Peter Lange

    • Executive IT Architect, Pan-European CTO Team, IBM Denmark