Christchurch, New Zealand

2013 challenge

The City of Christchurch recently suffered a series of earthquakes which caused massive damage in and around the city, resulting in a decrease in population and the movement of businesses out of the restricted "red zone." In the next 10 years, an estimated $40 billion from private and public sources will be invested in rebuilding and renewing Christchurch. Mayor Parker asked IBM to work with city leaders, investors, students and innovators to provide recommendations on how to rebuild in a smarter and more effective way. The team delivered recommendations that built on the city's assets in quality of life, access to the outdoors, high levels of education and high GDP growth.

City Leader

Bob Parker

Mayor of Christchurch

Team Members

  • Drew Clark

    • Director of Corporate Strategy, Venture Capital Group, IBM US
  • Caleb Barlow

    • Director, Security Systems, IBM US
  • Luciana de Camargo Pereira

    • Director, Human Resources, IBM Brazil
  • Steve Dill

    • Researcher, IBM US
  • Erick Brethenoux

    • Director, Business Analytics and Decision Management Strategy, IBM US
  • John Fennell

    • Business Development Executive, Smarter Cities, IBM Australia