Cheongju, Korea

2012 challenge

In striving to become a 'green capital' of Korea, Mayor Han Beum Deuk has pursued many eco-friendly policies, particular with regard to transportation. However, to achieve further progress in sustainability, the city looks to IBM to advise the city on encouraging and improving more sustainable forms of transit, such as public transit, cycling or walking, as a way to reduce traffic congestion and promote sustainability more broadly.

City Leader

Han Beum Deuk

Mayor of Cheongju

Team Members

  • Magda Mourad

    • Distinguished Chief IT Architect, Industry Solutions
  • Pam Isom

    • Senior Certified Executive Architect, Chief Architect - Cloud and Smarter Planet Solutions
  • Gary Kim

    • Director, Information Management Lab Services
  • Steven Peterson

    • IBM Institute for Business Value, Global Travel & Transportation Lead
  • Kyung Soon Um

    • Executive IT Specialist, SW Architect, Mbr of IBM AoT, WW zChampion, Korea IT Specialist Profession Leader
  • Young Woo Pae

    • Healthcare Solution, Strategy and Operations Manager, Korea Lab