Burlington, United States

2013 challenge

Burlington Electric Department (BED) has a long history of innovation in power generation and a strong commitment to energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases. BED was recently awarded a US Department of Energy grant to install advanced metering, part of a statewide eVermont grant consortium, with lessons learned in Burlington to be applied across the state. By the end of April 2013, a new meter system will be fully deployed, and a new, aggressive Climate Action Plan will have been adopted. As such, the technological advances have already been made, but it's time for the city to set policies around rates, electric vehicle use and solar power generation on the upgraded grid. The City and BED requested that IBM look at ways to use this new infrastructure to reduce costs, improve the citizen experience and set the standard for successful implementation of smart grid systems.

City Leader

Miro Weinberger

Mayor of Burlington

Team Members

  • Gabriela Orwick

    • Executive Consultant, Mergers & Acquisitions Integration, IBM US
  • Jorge Luttgardes

    • CIO Office Leader, Latin America, IBM Brazil
  • Isabelle Murard

    • Energy and Utility Technical Consultant, IBM France
  • Christian Raetzsch

    • Systems & Technology Group Technical Executive, IBM Czech Republic
  • Robert Laurim

    • Director of Distribution & Volume Business, IBM Germany
  • Leonard Hand

    • Executive Information Technology Architect, IBM US