Boulder, United States

2011 challenge

The City of Boulder has established itself as a leader in environmentally responsible growth. In 2007 Xcel Energy, in partnership with the City, launched the SmartGridCityâ„¢ project in Boulder to enhance Xcel Energy's distribution system and employ various smart grid technologies. The IBM team worked with the City to analyze the technical capabilities of SmartGridCityâ„¢ and make recommendations on expanding capabilities in line with the City of Boulder's focus on energy and its Climate Action Plan. Key recommendations include launching pilot programs to increase local renewable sourcing, promote the adoption of solar plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and promote energy efficiency in large building stock and small and medium businesses. The City of Boulder has posted the team's report on their webpage.

City Leader

Jane S. Brautigam

City Manager of Boulder, Colorado

Team Members

  • Brian Gaucher

    • Manager, Smarter Energy - Research
  • Brett Hansen

    • Director, Demand Systems - Software
  • Lisa Hopkins

    • CTO, Smarter Infrastructure Solutions Buildings and Sustainable Cities - Global Business Services
  • Geoff Jue

    • Director, Americas Energy & Utilities Industry Leader
  • Lauren LaPlante-Rottman

    • Global Energy & Utilities Market & Strategic Development Leader - Global Business Services
  • Dejan Radeka

    • Certified Client Technical Architect - Software