Boston, United States

2012 challenge

The City of Boston asked the IBM team to establish a framework that would provide policymakers, administrators, researchers and citizens with information related to historic, current and future transportation trends and options, to reduce traffic congestion and generate new ways to monitor levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Mayor Menino has already crafted policies, such as the Complete Streets initiative and Climate Action Plan, to relieve traffic congestion, promote public transportation and reduce CO2 emissions. Transportation is responsible for about one quarter of Boston's greenhouse gas emissions, and this initiative supports the City's goal to reduce these emissions 25 percent by 2020.

City Leader

Thomas M. Menino

Mayor of Boston

Team Members

  • Alberto Giacomel

    • Physical Security IT Specialist, Global Technology Services
  • Brent Miller

    • Senior Technical Staff Member & Master Inventor, IBM Intellectual Property
  • Rudy Raymond

    • Research Scientist, IBM Research
  • Biplav Srivastava

    • Senior Researcher & Master Inventor, IBM Research
  • Steven Wysmuller

    • Environmental Management System (EMS) leader, IBM Global Services
  • Jane Xu

    • Distinguished Engineer, IT & Wireless Convergence, IBM Research