Birmingham, United Kingdom

2012 challenge

On January 27, 2012, the Leader, Deputy Leader and Chief Executive of the Birmingham City Council launched the Re-inventing Birmingham initiative - designed to link together a range of innovative efforts into a strategy for improving outcomes in the city. Leader Albert Bore and the Council seek IBM's advice on creating an evidence based tool to support future investment decisions, tracking relationships between council efforts, inputs and outcomes to deliver the highest value for residents.

City Leader

Sir Albert Bore

Leader, Birmingham City Council

Team Members

  • Douglas Galt

    • UK Cost Operations Manager, IBM UK
  • Steve Lockwood

    • Executive Information Architect, Software Group, IBM UK
  • Glen Martin

    • Defense Client Executive, Sales & Distribution, IBM UK
  • Siddharth Purohit

    • Distinguished Engineer, CTO, Growth Markets Unit, IBM India
  • Jamshid Vayghan

    • Distinguished Engineer and Director: CTO Sales Transformation, IBM US