Ballarat, Australia

2014 challenge

Ballarat, one of the largest inland cities in Australia is growing rapidly. Boasting comprehensive health services, educational and sports facilities and cultural and community assets, Ballarat is attracting citizens from across the state and beyond seeking a quality and more affordable lifestyle. As the city grows, so does the cost of waste management and like many Australian cities, Ballarat is also challenged with a manufacturing sector in transition. Ballarat City Council sees an opportunity to address these issues through effective management of waste resources, reducing the reliance on landfill and supporting the creation of jobs through emerging industry development. Council has asked IBM to develop an implementation plan to grow the economy through the innovative use of waste resources as an energy source supporting industry transition and development.

City Leader

John Philips

Mayor of Ballarat

Team Members

  • Nitin Gaur

    • CTO, IBM Mobile Payments, IBM US
  • Ravi Mandalika

    • Energy & Utilities Executive, IBM India
  • Josh Millen

    • Industry Lead, ANZ Water Industry, IBM Australia
  • Michael Peach

    • Marketing Program Director, Mobile Enterprise, IBM US
  • Kylie Skeahan

    • Client Growth Strategic Planning Leader, IBM US