Atlanta, United States

2012 challenge

A hub for the financial and real estate industries, Atlanta boomed in the post-WWII era but was particularly hard hit when the housing and mortgage crises ensued. Mayor Reed asked IBM for help in identifying where Atlanta could best harness its energies to revitalize the economy. The team worked with the city to propose a innovative citywide strategic plan that includes a robust vision and management system to effectively align activities and investments in a complex multi-jurisdictional stakeholder environment, and technology adoption to support ongoing planning and assessment.

City Leader

Kasim Reed

Mayor of Atlanta

Team Members

  • Alisia Gill

    • Executive Program Manager, Business Performance Services
  • Cindy Courtemanche

    • Account Representative, Business Analytics
  • Michael Priestly

    • Senior Technical Staff Member and Technology Strategist for IBM's Total Information Experience
  • Neysa Pranger

    • Managing Consultant, Public Sector Strategy & Innovation
  • Kyungsoon Um

    • Executive IT Specialist, Korea IT Specialist Profession Leader