Allahabad, India

2015 challenge

Rapid urbanization and growth in Allahabad, India has contributed to an accelerated rate of untreated municipal waste, which threatens the health of inhabitants and visitors. This problem is exacerbated during an annual event that brings 100 million people to the city for a mass Hindu pilgrimage that is key to the city's cultural identity. The city leader, Municipal Commissioner Devendra Kumar Pandey, sought IBM's help developing a plan to create a more sanitary and efficient waste management system that transforms the disposal of solid waste and waste water, and meets the needs of citizens and visitors alike.

Team Members

  • Colin Hall

    • Global Cross Tower IT and Analytics Leader
    • IBM Global Process Services
    • Portsmouth, Great Britain
  • Richa Pandey

    • Industry Smarter Solutions Team
    • IBM Sales and Distribution
    • Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
  • Michaela Santa Barbara

    • Senior Manager
    • IBM Security
    • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Tony Walter

    • Partner
    • IBM Global Business Services
    • Melbourne, Australia
  • Mike Yesudas

    • Software Industry Frameworks Offering Leader, Government
  • Sachiko Yoshihama

    • Manager, Digital Discovery
    • IBM Research – Tokyo
    • Tokyo, Japan