Application process

Now accepting submissions for the 2017 – 2018 program through 24 February 2017

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Application process:

In order to complete the Smarter Cities Challenge Statement of Interest, you will need to create an IBM ID. This will give you secure access to the online Statement of Interest form.

Step 1:
Create IBM ID
To create an IBM ID, click on the 'Create account' link in the green banner above. Creating this ID will provide you a single point of entry to IBM and allow continued secure access to your Statement of Interest form. Your ID will consist of your email address for the user name and a password you create.

Note: Please use the email address for the mailbox you will have access to when creating the IBM ID.

Step 2:
Activate account
Once you complete the form, click submit. A new screen will appear that will ask you for the activation code.

Your activation code will be delivered in an email from and sent to you immediately to complete the process. The code in the email is only valid for 30 minutes.

Once you provide the activation code, the Statement of Interest form will load.

To return to your Statement of Interest form, at any time click the log in button in the green banner above and provide your email address and the password you created when obtaining your IBM credentials. You will be able to keep your information in draft mode until you are ready to submit.

Note: Should you forget your password, use the account recovery feature on the sign in page.