Philadelphia, United States

2011 challenge
  • Education & Workforce
  • Americas

The IBM team in Philadelphia was asked to help determine how the city's adult education and workforce training initiatives could be better aligned to create efficiencies, transparency and accountability, and strengthen connections connections between the city's workforce training system and its economic development, education and anti-poverty strategies. The City of Philadelphia has posted the team's report on the Digital On-Ramps website, the homepage of Philadelphia's initiative to promote anywhere, anytime learning for workforce development.

City Leader

Michael Nutter

Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Team Members

  • Ed Blatt

    • Senior Managing Consultant – Child Welfare, Public Health and Family Assistance
  • John Evans

    • Americas Business Consulting Executive, Worldwide Human Ability and Accessibility Center
  • Martha Vernon

    • Skills/Enablement Leader, Software Sales
  • Bertrand Portier

    • Executive IT Architect, Business Process Management
  • Mary Olson

    • Education Solution Specialist, West & Mid-West
  • Sugandh Mehta

    • Distinguished Engineer, Financial Services and Cloud Computing