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Lagos, Nigeria

Located in West Africa’s rain forest belt, Lagos, Nigeria, is the country’s largest city and one of the world’s fastest growing. 20% of Lagos' 3,600sq km geographical area is mostly waterways; however, 90% of commuter travel in the state is road based.  City authorities predict a 350% growth in the number of vehicles in the state over the next 25 years, with the population doubling to 40 million by 2030. The potential of both rail and water transport remains largely untapped as they carry less than one percent of overall traffic in the state.

Working with the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, the agency responsible for developing and implementing the state’s transportation blueprint, and the Lagos State Ministries of Transportation, Works & Infrastructure, Science & Technology, the IBM team of experts proposed technology-driven strategies to make travel easier.  

The recommendations included better coordination between agencies responsible for traffic management, police, fire and medical care. Informing the decisions of these departments would be data gathered and analyzed from a variety of sources such as cell phones, call centers, cameras, and global positioning systems devices. More accurate and up-to-date information can help transport management agencies better manage the city’s traffic flow.  It will also enable them to wirelessly provide travelers with information such as road and traffic conditions, as well as bus, boat and toll schedules, to help them plan their trips more effectively.

City Leader
Babatunde Fashola Governor of Lagos State

Suzanne Wylie Chief Executive, Belfast City Council

Councillor Nichola Mallon Lord Mayor of Belfast

Team Members
Shelly Lowe Director, Smarter Solutions, Canada
Marc Segre Distinguished Engineer, Telecomm
Rob Wilmot Global Lead Account Partner, Vodafone
Matthew Berry Director, WebSphere Demand Systems
Brad Gibson Director of Finance and Planning, IT
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Smarter Cities Challenge Team