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Guadalajara, Mexico

In Guadalajara, Mexico, the IBM team set out to help the City develop strategies for delivering better and more efficient services to businesses and citizens. Their recommendations included integrating several disparate city services, processes, and departments; using process mapping and social networking to better connect with citizens and businesses; and developing an integrated IT platform and an e-government system.                             
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City Leader
Lic. Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz Mayor of Guadalajara, Mexico

Lic. Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz was elected mayor of Guadalajara in July 2009. He previously served as a Representative in the Jalisco State Legislature and also as a Representative of Guadalajara City Municipality. Before being elected to public office, he worked as a lawyer for Liverpool and Fabricas de Francia Stores in the West Region.

Suzanne Wylie Chief Executive, Belfast City Council

Councillor Nichola Mallon Lord Mayor of Belfast

Team Members
Alan Flack Wimbledon Client & Program Executive, IBM Marketing
David Germán Gallardo Espino Enterprise Content Management Executive, Latin America
John Longbottom Smarter Cities Leader, IBM Canada
Maite Mandakovic Business Development Manager, Global Cloud Services
Carmen Erika Ramirez Solis Strategy Executive, IBM Mexico
Suraj Shinde Senior Certified Senior Software Client Architect, IBM Mexico
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