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Baton Rouge, United States

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the urban center of a booming region, with $34 billion in industrial expansion and over 20,000 new jobs expected in the next two years. However, the city must develop its transportation infrastructure to keep pace with that growth. The city has made a number of infrastructure improvements and gathered support for a mass transit expansion and its FutureBR development plan, but its roads and highways are still under significant strain. Mayor-President Melvin Lee (Kip) Holden has asked IBM to help the city take a comprehensive view of its transportation system, leveraging data-driven intelligence about transportation demands and new growth models to plan for growth, and developing a strategy that includes stakeholders at the local, regional and state levels.

Baton Rouge has published the IBM team's recommendations on their website.

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City Leader
Melvin Lee (Kip) Holden Mayor-President, City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge

Suzanne Wylie Chief Executive, Belfast City Council

Councillor Nichola Mallon Lord Mayor of Belfast

Team Members
Jose (Alfredo) Gonzalez Altamirano Strategy Executive, IBM Mexico
Karthikeyan (Karthik) Seetharaman Smarter Cities Solutions Architect, IBM US
Chai Wah Wu Manager - Numerical Methods, Research, IBM US
Marie Wallace Smater Workforce Analytics Strategist, IBM Ireland
Maria Fernandez Senior Counsel, Alliances and Microelectronics, IBM US
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Team SCC Baton Rouge
Team SCC Baton Rouge