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Valparaiso, Chile

The Gran Valparaíso metropolitan area faces challenges in traffic and transportation management due to the expansion of households into outlying areas and, in particular, the flows of traffic into two of its five towns, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, which remain the primary trade and employment centers in the region. Traffic is also increased by the regular flow of tourists to the resorts of Viña del Mar and the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Valparaiso. The city, in conjunction with the regional government and the Chilean Ministry of Transportation, requested IBM's help in creating a plan to improve mobility in the Gran Valparaíso metropolitan area, including consideration of baseline status, transportation data, information requirements, transportation planning, priorities, IT, instrumentation and analytics.


City Leader
Raúl Celis Montt Regional Intendant

Suzanne Wylie Chief Executive, Belfast City Council

Councillor Nichola Mallon Lord Mayor of Belfast

Team Members
Ramón Somoza Director of Technical Support Services, IBM Germany
Andy Wiles Chief Operations Officer, Global Business Services, IBM Spain
Zi Ming (Lou) Zhou Director of Procurement, IBM China
Armelle Dixneuf Chief Technology Officer Industries, IBM France
Janice Salchert Director of Sales Operations, Strategic Outsourcing, IBM US
Peter Korst Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM US
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Smarter Cities Challenge Valparaiso team
The Smarter Cities Challenge Valparaiso team.