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Richmond, United States

The City of Richmond has serious structural challenges in providing equal opportunity to all of its residents, which stem from historical patterns of segregation and income inequality across various neighborhoods. Mayor Jones seeks assistance from IBM on how to use technology and process to coordinate an economic development strategy in partnership with local universities, state government and federal agencies. In particular, the city aims to simplify the process for starting and expanding businesses in the city, through workforce development programming, zoning, permitting and infrastructure. The team built on an in-depth study recently conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University on the economic potential of the Broad Street corridor, which could hold lessons for neighborhoods throughout the city.

City Leader
Dwight Jones Mayor of Richmond

Team Members
Donna Johnson Global Financing Business Unit Executive, IBM US
Don Cotey Chief Strategist, Global Business Partners, IBM US
Gary Hunter Canadian Public Sector AMS Practice Leader, IBM Canada
Deenah Patel Marketing & Communications Leader, Global Business Services, IBM Canada
Bob Thimsen Worldwide Smarter Cities Client Solution Professional Leader, IBM US
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Smarter Cities Challenge Richmond team
The Smarter Cities Challenge Richmond team.