Syracuse, United States

2011 challenge
  • Urban Planning
  • Americas

Syracuse, USA, like many cities along the U.S. Rust Belt, has seen an outmigration of jobs and people from the city center to the suburbs. The resulting rise in vacant properties, exacerbated by the foreclosure crisis, has negative impacts across all segments of society. Syracuse used its Smarter Cities Challenge insights to identify neighborhoods that were at risk of increased home vacancy and target its limited resources to stabilize neighborhoods where they would have the greatest impact.

City Leader

Stephanie Miner

Mayor of Syracuse, New York

Team Members

  • Derek Botti

    • Industry Solutions Architect - Healthcare, Smart Cities, Manufacturing and Electronics
  • James Jamison III

    • North America Technical Brand Evangelist, Industry Solutions - IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • Leslie Plant

    • External Communications, IBM Sales and Distribution
  • Jing Shyr

    • Chief Statistician, Distinguished Engineer - Predictive Analytics
  • Lav Varshney

    • Research Scientist, IBM Research