Siracusa, Italy

2012 challenge
  • Economic Development
  • Transportation
  • Europe

With the aim of balancing the needs of its natural resource and refining industry with the demands of historic and cultural tourism, Mayor Roberto Visentin and the City of Siracusa have requested IBM's assistance in developing a holistic transportation plan that will support the development of multiple industries throughout the city.

City Leader

Roberto Visentin

Mayor of Siracusa

Team Members

  • Marco Albertoni

    • Smarter Analytics Leader, Sales & Distribution, IBM Italy
  • Dan Collins

    • Solution Sales for Smart Transportation, Customs, Ports and Border Management, Public Sector, IBM US
  • Tomasz Martyniak

    • Executive Architect, Office of the CTO, IBM Poland
  • Cindy O'Shea

    • Manager, Global Solution Center, IBM US
  • Nicola Palmarini

    • Manager, Human Centric Solutions Center Europe, IBM Italy
  • Bob Spann

    • Partner, Federal Infrastructure Service Area Leader - Global Business Services, IBM US