Milwaukee, United States

2011 challenge
  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Americas

Mayor Tom Barrett asked IBM to analyze how Milwaukee's emerging aquaponics industry could have a positive impact on the City's food supply, industry, health, and growth. The team's recommendations included the establishment of an Urban Agriculture and Aquaponics Council and Aquaponics Innovation Center, the development of a business strategy for aquaponics, and the development of city programs and policies that support urban agriculture and aquaponics. The City of Milwaukee has posted the team's report on their webpage devoted to urban agriculture.

City Leader

Tom Barrett

Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Team Members

  • Tracy Diaz

    • Client Executive, Texas Public Sector
  • Stephanie Anderson

    • Human Resources Partner, U.S. Central Region
  • Sohaila Shomal

    • Operations Manager, IBM Worldwide Water Management Center of Excellence
  • Sam LeStourgeon

    • Senior Solution Executive, Eastern U.S. Smart Water, Grid & Buildings
  • Carey Hidaka

    • Business Transformation Consultant, Smarter Water & Supply Chain Strategy