Austin, United States

2010 challenge
  • Social Services
  • Americas

The IBM team in Austin was asked to investigate ways to address lingering disparities between East and West Austin, and propose a framework for the city to better coordinate and prioritize its infrastructure investments. The team delivered recommendations about transforming the delivery of social services, adopting a multi-modal approach to transportation planning, sharing data across city agencies, improving city communications, and creating an integrated planning process supported by an enterprise architecture.

City Leader

Marc Ott

City Manager for the City of Austin

Team Members

  • Ashish Cowlagi

    • Software Industry Frameworks Offering Leader, Government
  • Mary-Sara Jones

    • Senior Managing Consultant, Social Services & Heathcare Center of Competency
  • Ana Ondina Martinez

    • North East General Business Strategic Initiatives Executive
  • Stephen Newell

    • Client Technical Adviser, U.S. Public Sector
  • Rosi Middleton

    • Business Solutions Professional, Social Services & Labor, Public Sector Global Business Services
  • Boris Vishnevsky

    • Executive Architect